Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Chilli Crab @ Mellben Legend with TOto's American bud ~

TOto's guardian aka godpapa is here in Singapore!!!
We are so excited ...
And we have to keep thinking what/where to bring him to eat because he will be stopping at Bali and Jakarta before coming to Singapore and he has only ONE MEAL with us ...

Chicken rice?
Nasi Lemak?

CRAB, Chilli crab!!!
MrK only has a few hours with us and he wants to see TOto as well, THAT is not easy!
Where can we bring TOto and have the most amazing crabs as well???

I jackpot at Mellben Legend which I always wanted to come and try after all the RAVE REVIEWS! 
But there is one condition, we have to bring in TOto early ...
We came in about 5pm and the waitresses was a tad not happy about it, but when they see how well-behaved TOto was they were impressed and kept coming over to chitchat and praised TOto!
TOto was very tired today because we had a late night last night with Oska the Shiba Inu.
Or maybe he is so afraid Mrk is going to kidnap him back to USA! 
Each time he see MrK, it meant he will be with MrK for a minimum of one month away from us. He kept trying to sniff MrK at a distance and when close up he refused to give MrK eye-contact. But TOto slowly warmed up ...
We hoped the food impressed MrK to come visit again!
This is Thai-style, I likey!
Some kinda of Clam, $5 each.
Crab is very FRESH and sweet, and so YUMMY!
This salted egg prawn is less impressive.
But the prawn is huge and succulent fresh too.
Fresh steam fish @ $33.00.
MrK is very impressed with this pot of Crab Beehoon, he thought it will be bland!
We ordered so much we had to take home quite some crabs bodies!
Off to Chinatown next ...
But the CNY market hasn't starts yet, so disappointed.

But we stopped for some dessert, before proceeding to the next destination ...
YES the mystical Gardens by the bay ...

I was impressed of it's night light too ...
We hope MrK is impressed and can stay longer next year!
MrK has to rest before his flight the next morning so we send him back to his hotel and we made our last stop at Jln Kayu Beancurd! See TOto so tired, he must be so mashed; AND HE HASN'T has dinner yet!
Hopefully we get to SEE YOU again this year end or next year!

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